KRATOS X8 is the best designed drone of Aerobotica. Developed by our own company, we are confident to about its performance and qualities. Based on research done with previous versions and early prototypes, the drone is optimized on various aspect, leading to the drone which is represented to you today.


The KRATOS X8 offers proven, reliable performance, accurate navigation and high-data-rate communications capabilities.


To cope with the weather conditions and its extremes, all possible scenarios are thought of while designing this drone. The body has a smooth finish and rounded shapes, allowing the drag to be minimal, which positively influences not only the flight duration, but also the possible payload.

KRATOS X8 can be taken apart for small maintenance by the user and for connecting several modules to the drone. The way the parts are placed over each other prevents water from coming in and causing short circuit to take place.

The combination of the gyroscope and the lightly bended arms of the wings make the drone more resistant to strong winds, but they also provide a steadier flight in case the user wants to film with the drone.

Aerobotica - Kratosx8 - drone - Nederland - Hoogerheide - Woensdrecht


As the KRATOS X8 is made in such a way that modules can be added to it, a high landing gear is attached to the drone. To prevent this landing gear from interfering with the modules, it will be lifted up when there is a safe distance between the ground and the drone.

The landing gear is made as thin as possible, to keep the weight to a minimum and to prevent a collision with the blades.


TypeRotary Wing
Maximum Takeoff mass20 kg
Payload capability10 kg
Dimensions87 x 87 cm (ex props)
MaterialCarbon frame structure
PropulsionElectric pusher propeller; 8 brushless motor
Battery40 000 mAh 22.2 V


Mission PlanningMultiple flights
Automated pre-flight checks
Automatic take off, flight and landing
Automous camera triggering
Automated fail-safe routines
User controlled fail-safe commands
Automated postflight checks


EnduranceUp to 45 min
Maximum ceiling3000 m AMSL
Pre-flight setup time5 min
Take off typeVertical
Landing typeVertical
Weather limitStable in winds up to 35 km/h
Communication & control frequency2.4 GHz & 433 MHz or 913 MHz
Video Frequency5.0 GHz or 5.8 Ghz

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