May 25, 2016 – The KIVI(Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs) has organized several lectures at Business Park Aviolanda by experts in the Drone Industry.

The first lecture was by Rob van Nieuwland, chairman of the Dutch Association for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems(DARPAS) concerning the market, the applications of drones, recent developments and the current legislation around drones in the Netherlands.

Also some other companies were present and gave different lectures about the possibilites with a drone. For example aerial photography.

Aerobotica has also shown its drone. What makes Aerobotica’s drone different, is the combination of high payload capabilities and an easily interchangeable configuration, which makes it an ideal drone for example, agricultural tasks, such as watering the fields or scouting the area from above with  sensors.

kivi aviolanda unmmand rpas aerobotica