Aerobotica presents drone at TUSE

The Hague, Netherlands, February 2-4, 2016 – At The Unmanned Systems Exposition, a large variety of unmanned systems were displayed. Aerobotica presented their drone during the event. It is an undeniable fact that drones are gaining more popularity. This is due to the very fact that it can be deployed in so many different lines of work.

Aerobotica’s drone utilizes KRATOS’ technology. It provides various flight modes which accommodates both beginner and experienced drone pilots. One of the features is to autonomously return to its departure point. This is especially convenient when sight of the drone is lost.

A ground station is also provided with the drone and is used to project relevant data from the drone to the end user. This data ranges from flight information, to HD photographs made with the drone.

One of the selling points of Aerobotica’s drone is the modular system. Customers can choose which features they wish their drone to be mounted with. This means drones can be deployed for very specific tasks like surveillance or package delivery, while reducing cost and payload.