“Welcome to the world of Aerobotica, the world where commitment to innovation and customization of drones has become the norm. With our main expertise in aerospace and engineering we strive to deliver high quality drones made with outstanding craftsmanship. Our drones are remarkably unique whereas they can be designed to fulfil your every drone-desire.”

Smart Mode

Aerobotica - drone - unmanned - uav -rpas

Perfect for first-iime pilots. Sensible Mode uses Stick relavivity to move the drone in whatever direction the control stick is pushed, no matter which way its nose is pointed. It also creates a safe circle barrier that prevents you from flying too close to yourself or obstacles you fly around.

Adjustable Flight Boundaries

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Stay legal, Stay safe and fly responsibly. Never fly beyond altitude and distance limits you define. This will help you avoid sensitive airspace and locked CTR’s.

Follow Me Mode

6 Aerobotica - drone - unmanned - uav -rpas

Your Built-In Copilot. The drone follows you at a distance and altitude you set so you can focus on lining up the perfect shot using the rudder and camera tilt controls.

Tracking Mode

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Be the Star of the Show. The drone will follow and keep the camera pointed at whoever is holding the groundstation. This is a great way to capture yourself in action when no one else is around to fly for you.

Return Home

Aerobotica - drone - unmanned - uav -rpas

Safe landings with the flip of switch. The drone returns itself to the start-up point and lands for you. This is ideal for a safe way of landing. It’s also and easy way to regain visual contact if you accidentally lose sight in flight.

Aerial photography Mode

Aerobotica - drone - unmanned - uav -rpas

For the experienced pilot. The drone responds like a conventional remetly controled aircraft without stick relativity or the safe circle. Response is smooth and predictable so panning and tracking shots look great.

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